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gDAS Distributed Array System

Consulting Services

Conventional Services

Other services include conventional IP / Resistivity (surface array, tomography and down-hole logging), Transient Electromagnetics, Controlled Source Audio Magneto Tellurics, Downhole 3-component TEM, Gravity, Ground Magnetics and others.

The group retains a number of consulting contracts with junior companies or other clients who do not maintain in-house geophysical expertise. These services may include quality control for contracted or in-house  data acquisition, review of historic data or survey planning. 

Synergies with the Chilean company Advanced Geophysical Technologies S.A. (AGT) has provided over 5 years of seamless development of the gDAS24 24-bit distributed array system and our long term commitment to AGT provides the group with exclusive and dedicated availability of the gDAS24 technology.

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