gDAS Distributed Array System

Synergies with the Chilean company Advanced Geophysical Technologies S.A. (AGT) has provided over 5 years of seamless development of the gDAS24 24-bit distributed array system and our long term commitment to AGT provides SouthernRock with exclusive and dedicated availability of the gDAS24 technology.

The system has been designed with a focus on simplicity and flexibility. Each gDAS-24 receiver records time series data using 24-bit ADC's at operator selectable sample rates between DC and 32kHz on each of its 4-channels according to a pre-programmed schedule stored in memory and controlled by synchronous GPS timing and slaved crystal oscillators. Field data is recorded and periodically backed-up to a solid state memory drive and data is later downloaded to a PC for processing. Any number of 4-channel gDAS24 might be located along any survey line, distributed amongst a grid, or remote site, installed with respective electric field dipoles and / or magnetic antennas depending on the survey design.